Anaïs Nin - Incest: From "A Journal of Love"

"I wonder if Allendy knows how uncapturable I have been. What a comedy it is for me to have been kissed, fucked, when I was not there at all. How intact I feel tonight here with my journal and a letter from Henry. Reality has no hold on me when it is stupid, or ridiculous, or ugly, or feeble."
p. 148
"We talk all day! Henry pours out all he knows, reads, thinks. He talks to find himself, his ideas. Lawrence, sex, boyhood, a million subjects, explorations, discoveries. If there were no sex between us there would still be worlds and worlds and worlds of passionate common interests, interdevelopment."
p. 150
"We ate when we got hungry, in the rue de l'Abbe Groult, in a little bistro, ham and salad and cheese and I got drunk on one glass of white wine. I could see the radium sunlight lighting up the archway of the tree's foliage, shimmering, when in reality the day was gray. I felt and saw light and constant warmth. I wanted to make Henry a gift because of his cold, and he confessed he craved a phonograph. We went shopping together. We brought the phonograph back in a taxi. so contented, so soft, so close. Arm in arm. We went to bed and slept soundly in the warm of this magical womb containing both of us, lulling us. A womb of warmth, like tropical sorcery. The salad, the ham, the wine, the streets, the phonograph, the taxi rides, the bed, all bursting with a magical content...our double enjoyment, heightened everything. Henry expands, roseate, flowing, handsome with glowingness, and I feel his joy, his appetite, his enjoyment. I become hungry and roseate. He gives me the savor of the present. Nowhere else do I find this magic. This beautiful, complete present. Together the moment becomes infinite"
p. 175
Incest: From "A Journal of Love" : The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1932-1934
Texas Bookman 1992, Hardcover, 418 p.
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Harvest Books 1993, Paperback
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