Anaïs Nin - A Spy in the House of Love

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"She understood why it angered her when people spoke of life as One life. She became certain of myriad lives within herself. Her sense of time altered. She felt acutely and with grief, the shortness of life's physical span. Death was terrifyingly near, and the journey towards it, vertiginous; but only when she considered the lives around her, accepting their time tables, clocks, measurements. Everything they did constricted time. They spoke of one birth, one childhood, one adolescence, one romance, one marriage, one maturity, one aging, one death and then transmitted the monotonous cycle to their children. But Sabina, activated by the moon rays, felt germinating in her the power to extend time in the ramifications of a myriad of lives and loves, to expand the journey to infinity, taking immense and luxurious detours as the courtesan depositor of multiple desires. The seeds of many lives, places, of many women in herself were fecundated by the moon rays because they came from that limitless night life which we usually perceive only in our dreams, containing roots reaching for all the magnificence of the past, transmitting the rich sediments into the present, projecting them into the future."
A Spy in the House of Love
Pocket Books 1994, Mass Market Paperback
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  • Penguin Books 2001, Paperback 128 pages (Penguin Modern Classics Fiction)
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  • Penguin Books 1991, Paperback 128 pages (Penguin Twentieth-century Classics)
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